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A typical day in our Nursery Annex

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Circle time:
For our 1 and early 2 year old children our aim is to welcome them to nursery individually, and to have a short and fun circle time. 
We say 'hello' to one another, by name. We then choose one of the toy/resource baskets and go through it with them, discussing the animals/musical instruments/transportation vehicles/blocks with them, and sing a song to end. It's short and welcoming. 

Activity time:
We proceed to our smaller groups to paint/do experiments/practice our mark making etc. Our classroom is beautifully set out in exciting, interactive hubs, according to the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) areas of learning. Please have a look at our EYFS tab to gain a further understanding of the curriculum and how it covers the development of your child. Within these areas of learning, (and supported by our diverse and extensive resources), children are covering their sensory, language, reading, numeracy, science, writing, geography,small world, cultural differences, art, construction, role play and more...

The Great Outdoors:
Being firm believers in children having as much outdoor play and learning experience as possible, the children have outdoor play every session, in our mud, water and messy play, sand play, offering an array of outdoor creative and physical  activities. We visit Coronation Gardens for our nature trails, as well as two local playgrounds with climbing equipment, slides and swings.

The children are on a 1:3 ratio. Even though there are also 2 year olds in the room (which need a 1:4 ratio) we work on a 1:3 ratio for all. Staff are all responsible for all the children, they do not focus on a specific 3 children / their key children only. If they are doing an activity their backs are not to the children, their eyes are pealed over the floor. Even though staff have key children their safeguarding / observing responsibilities extend to all the children in their care / room at that time. Any paperwork - 2 year checks etc. is completed by the key person who has that extra special bond with their key child.

Set routine
We have a set routine we follow each day, although flexible - if the weather is nice we will stay at the park longer! We often have snack at the park due to this. The children go to the parks in little groups, dependent on the weather / logistics. Outdoor play is imperative.

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