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A Typical Day in our Pre-School 

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Circle time:
We all say 'good morning' / 'good afternoon' to one another (we learn how to say this in various languages) and enjoy a 'Show and Tell' in circle time as a group. The children are welcome and encouraged to bring in items from home. We share our news, discuss our theme, sing songs, update our daily calendar, and choose what we will be doing for our child led, teacher guided, session that day.

Activity time:
We proceed to our smaller groups to paint/do experiments/practice our mark making etc. Our classroom is beautifully set out in exciting, interactive hubs, according to the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) areas of learning. Please have a look at our EYFS tab to gain a further understanding of the curriculum and how it covers the development of your child. Within these areas of learning, (and supported by our diverse and extensive resources), children are covering their sensory, language, reading, numeracy, science, writing, geography,small world, cultural differences, art, construction, role play and more...

Snack time:
The children and a teacher walk to the local grocer in Southfields, where they choose the fruit they (and their peers) will enjoy. They are given money to pay for the fruit themselves. Not only is this a lovely, daily outdoor outing, it is an excellent learning experience for the children, covering road safety, healthy eating, numeracy, working within a group. In the morning we have a fruit stall open, where children choose and eat fruit whenever they like. Each child independently pours their water, helps cut and prepare their fruit, and washes their bowls after snack time. This is a good time for social skills, fine motor skills, working in collaboration, maths, learning about good manners, helping one another, and sharing fruit out to peers.

The Great Outdoors:
Being firm believers in children having as much outdoor play and learning experience as possible, the children have outdoor play every session, 
in our own outdoor activity area where we have a vertical garden, a welcoming willow book den, a mud kitchen, a water wall, sand play, offering an array of outdoor creative activities, messy science experiments and much more. We visit Coronation Gardens for our nature trails, as well as two other local playground areas with climbing equipment, slides and swings. We often have our snacks at the park after we have visited the fruit shop!
At the end of our session we say good bye to our teachers and our friends. We use this opportunity to remember what we have learnt that day. 

Visiting the local library and the 'normal' park, the 'special' park and the, 'secret' park. (named by the kids!)

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