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We really care about our Environment

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We are not sure if it's because we have close proximity to Wimbledon Common and our friendly little eco-warrior womble neighbours who 'live' there... but we have always taken our environment seriously, and been as eco-friendly as possible at Jenniflowers Childcare. We feel they must have influenced us somehow...

We teach (and show!) the children from an early age about recycling and the need to look after our environment, in age-appropriate terms and language. We are keen to instill good recycling habits from an early age, that they will (hopefully!) carry on through when a responsible adult one day. We do our bit for the environment in the following ways:

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Displays: We make use of boxes for displays often, whether as the base or the actual artwork. Our key people are Mini Beasts at Jenniflowers, so Miss Jen Jen drew mini beasts onto cardboard brought from a child's home, and, leaving it natural, let the material source stand out.

One of our apples from our garden! Salad leaves, variety of herbs, sunflowers, chillies, vine tomatoes, strawberries, lavender, potatoes... 

Growing our own Fruit and Vegetables: We love planting vegetable and fruit seeds, watering them and caring for them, watching them grow.. and then picking and eating them! A great learning experience for the children, it gives them a sense of pride and achievement. Plus the healthy aspect of eating organic fruit and vegetables.
Organic foodstuffs: We purchase (and grow!) organic food as much as possible. Far better for our little ones.  
Supporting Local Foods: We purchase local British food as much as possible. Less air miles plus we are supporting our farmers.
Lower Wastage of Food: We provide healthy and nutritious meals using fresh produce, using organic and homegrown food as much as possible. If the meals are tantalising and delicious then there's less food wastage too. 
Water Wall: Mr Lance made a water wall (below) using all kinds of pipes and funnels he found, the children have hours of fun using this resource, pouring different colour water into the funnels and seeing what colour comes out, having mixed.... a variety of learning skills are used in play here. It being a 'working wall'... our pre-schoolers add their own recycled bottles onto it if one breaks/comes loose. 

Dry and Sensory Wall: Mr Lance made a dry and sensory wall (above on left) using all kinds of pipes and funnels he found, for seeds, beans, corn, sand (a wide variety of produce are used)... he attached door chains and locks too for fine motor control use... with a variety of hooks for threading. It being a 'working wall'... our pre-schoolers add their own recycled bottles onto it if one breaks/comes loose. 

Learning Resources: We use all kinds of items brought from home in our day to day learning through play. Using innovative and creative means we create a variety of maths (for eg: resources) using clothes pegs. Not only is it a great learning tool for our children, they also see that every day loose objects can be recycled and re-used in innovative ways. 

Paperwork (Photos/Daily Diaries/Observations/Assessments etc.): We have always taken photos digitally and then printed them - for our files and learning journals, used A5 daily diaries, and A4 paper for observations and assessments. Using Babys Days, everything is completed on this digital system, which not only saves paper and ink, but also enables far more parental participation with their child's progress on a daily basis. A big plus all round!

What did we make from this box (that once housed a mini fridge)? Why, a pirate ship of course! 
Recycled Cardboard Equipment and Resources: We have a wide variety of resources and equipment that is literally made from recycled cardboard boxes. It might sound a bit weird at first but they are practical, help the environment, and although we love all things earthy coloured at Jenniflowers... we also love splashing some brightly coloured paint on them and making an art project of them.. waiting for them to dry, then sitting on them (our little chairs) or climbing inside them (our den!).

Resources: The children love this doll's house. Made from recycled cardboard it does the job well as a dolls house, with the added benefit of the learning about recycling involved. 

Arts and Crafts: We love it when mum/dad brings in objects/used items we can make good use of, for eg: breakfast cereal boxes, old ribbons and bottle tops... we love being able to reuse, recycle and up-cycle ... creating beautiful artworks to be taken home. At pre-school we have a recycling project often - a car made from a fridge box, a den, a dinosaur, making a book!.... the creativity is endless. A wonderful learning experience for
the children.

The children learnt about
road safety!

The children made a fruit book and 
add new fruit to it.

We ensure our nappies (and we go through quite a few...) are incinerated and won't end up as landfill. 

Promoting Reusable Nappies: A few of our children use g-nappies.. we have a link to this type of nappy on our links page. We dispose of the top layer and the remaining two layers go home to mum and dad, to be laundered for the next day. A little extra work for us, but well worth it.

Green Bottoms: We ensure our disposable nappies are stored, collected and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, and not ending up in a landfill, by making use of the excellent services of Green Bottoms. They give us a fabulous big (bright yellow!) bin where we store all disposables... and have frequent collections.

Art Projects: The pre-schoolers had much fun making a bird's eye view (this was such an interesting lesson for the kids, which covered persepctive, distance etc.) of our pre-school hall. They added in the car park and our garden too. A super project, not only was it about their pre-school... it helped ingrain the approach of using what's around us sustainably. 

Eco friendly cleaning products: We use the environmentally friendly range of Ecover products, non deodorised and containing no petrochemical based ingredients. Ecover packaging is quick to biodegrade and contains non-toxic ingredients that are not harmful to the environment. They are also safer to use in a childcare setting, where children might be susceptible to cleaning fumes/sprays (eg: asthmatics). 

Water Wipes: We don't use perfumed/deodorized wet wipes, we use water wipes - 99.9% water, 0.1% fruit extract, preservative-free, extra soft, allergy free and non-greasy, they're suitable from birth and help avoid nappy rash.  

If we all do our bit... many bits become one BIG BIT.  
March 2012 Ofsted inspection:
''Children are very happy and thrive in this rich and stimulating environment.''  

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