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Encouraging Healthy Eating

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       Our Healthy Food Mandate and Obligation to those in our care

We strive to provide the children in our care with a healthy diet as we realise that a poor diet is a nutritional time-bomb that leads to big health problems in later life. It increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers. In the short term, a poor diet can lead to iron deficiency anaemia, tooth decay and obesity. We realise that working in partnership with our parents about what and when their child(ren) eat can lead to optimal nutritional growth and development for them. We gather information from our parents about their child(ren)’s dietary needs and then act on them. We are strict in allergy control of the foods we serve, and have a stringent method in place to protect our children with allergies.

We aim to provide the children with five fruits a day. On a daily basis we eat banana, strawberries, seedless grapes, apples, pear or stewed fruit such as apple and dried apricot or plums. Healthy morning and afternoon snacks are a wide variety of fruit, with the addition of rice cakes, breadsticks, crackers, dried apricots, raisins, fruit bars, cubes of cheese and oat cakes with fruit spread, to name a few. We provide variety. We encourage healthy eating and a healthy lunch box at our pre-school... where sandwiches / cold wraps etc. are welcome. Crisps / chocolate / sweets / cold drinks are not acceptable and are sent home. We write what the child(ren) have eaten for each snack/meal in their daily diaries on our online system.  

WATER AND MILK: These are freely available/provided every day with meals. 
ALLERGIES/PARENTAL CHOICE: These have been catered for. 
SNACKS / FRUIT DESSERTS: Staff (with Food and Hygien certs) or our pre-school children prepare their own fruit as part of their life skills learning. 
INGREDIENT ORIGINS: Produce is sourced/reared locally, and is seasonal and organic as much as possible. 

We involve the children in cleaning, prepping and cooking too, their favourite being tortilla wraps! They enjoy holding the ingredients in their hands and placing it on their own mini wrap! They are encouraged to select at least one protein and at least one vegetable. Choices are usually: Tomato, cucumber, grated cheese, grated carrot, chopped wafer thin chicken. 

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