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Working in Partnership

with our Parents and Neighbours

We welcome and value parental input at Jenniflowers

Parent in Partnership

We have a PIP (Parent In Partnership), representing our parents. Parents Alecia and Alasdair, fill this role. They have a child at our pre-school nursery. We think it vitally important that we work in partnership with our families. The children forge strong friendships and bonds with each other, and this is strengthened by socialising with each other outside of Jenniflowers coffee mornings, cheese and wine evenings, charity events, picnics in the park on the weekend etc. 

Alecia and Alasdair have created Jenniflowers Parents & Friends nursery and pre-school (secret) Facebook groupa place for parents, carers and friends of Jenniflowers to connect. The group is used for sharing information, asking questions about the challenge that is raising children(!), organising parents and friends events, sharing photos and building a fantastic community outside of the nursery.

Parent observations from home

As part of our desire to have our parents involved in what happens at Jenniflowers, we welcome and encourage parental input in writing observations about their child... perhaps they rode a bike without stabilisers for the first time over the weekend - wow, that is a big deal, one we want to share... they write the observation down and then we chat about it in our circle time that morning. The observation goes into their Jenniflower Journey (Learning Journal). At the same table every morning our children at pre-school self-register themselves, they look for their photo or their name on their bee and it buzzes onto the flower... having landed at Jenniflowers for the day. 

Good relations with our local neighbours and businesses

The children visit local businesses and love getting out and about in their local community - they went to view the Mayor when she opened the new Marks & Spencer store at the ribbon cutting ceremony, they also enjoy taking money we have fund raised to the bank and counting it with the teller, they visit the fruit and veg shop and a variety of other shops. 

Nelson the digger driver is a firm favourite - he came in to tell the kids about his job! He has been helping to build the big building across the road from the pre-school nursery for many months. When he sees any of the kids he raises his digger claw and flashes his lights - the kids love it! 

Supporting parents and staff fundraising

One of our Jenniflowers mums and a friend are running and fundraising for Cancer Research UK.please donate to this worthy cause if you are able

We supported Cindy, one of our hearing-impaired bank staff, running for Age Concern UK Wandsworth in their Edinburgh Marathon

Parent evenings and end of academic year progress reports

We hold Parent Evenings each term, where we go through your child's Jenniflower Journey (Learning Journal), discuss how he/she is thriving and where they might need extra support. End of year Progress Reports are sent out at the end of summer term.  Leaving Reports are written when children leave Jenniflowers, and this, along with their Jenniflower Journey, is taken to their new setting/school. 

Parent Career Visits

One of our dads is a traffic officer! He brought his big traffic motor bike to work and the children enjoyed taking turns sitting on the seat. They blocked their ears when he pushed his siren! It was rather LOUD. They loved it!

Another dad is a pilot... he told the children about the countries he visits,  told them all about the big planes he flies, counted all the wheels on the plane, flew a remote control helicopter for the children and made paper planes. The children loved his visit! 

Another of our dads loves to cycle and takes part in marathons... 
he told the children about the clothes he wears, and focused on 
road safety, healthy eating and exercise. The children learnt a lot 
and loved listening to him.

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One of our children's grandparents came to visit, all the way from Australia! They came to tell the children about the animals that live in Australia, and we sung a song about these animals. They also showed us where they live in the world on our globe. We all reckoned they'd come a long way!
We LOVE it when we have a member of one of our Jenniflowers families come and visit us.

One of our dads came in and shared how he and his family celebrates at Passover. The children loved his visit, and his son was very proud his daddy was at pre-school. We actively encourage parent involvement at Jenniflowers!

We believe in good communication, verbal and written. Regular newsletters go out to our parents, as well as messages via BabysDay's, the online system we use at Jenniflowerrs. Important matters are verbally communicated at handovers too. We have an Open Door Policy at Jenniflowers. We are not a typical Monday to Friday childcare service, we are always there for our families, and if you have an emergency and need to contact us at the weekend, you are welcome to call the owner and principal, Jennifer.

Emergency and Ad Hoc Care

At Jenniflowers we aim to be a help to our parents by offering emergency care if mum goes into hospital  give birth, with us looking after their older child. It might be for a few hours, till family support arrives, or it might be overnight, as there is no family support close by/in the country, which is often the case in our culturally diverse area in London. Mum and dad can then focus on the birth of their new baby sans worrying about the care of their other child/children.

Offering ad hoc care if a parent has an appointment or is unwell and needs extra care (aside from their usual contracted care). This is especially helpful for our parents, and is one of the reasons why we try and remain under the Ofsted allowed space requirements for our children.  

Summer Picnic

We have wonderful parental involvement in our picnic, held at Wimbledon Park. We have face painting, watermelon races, holding hands with your friends races, picnics and a good time to socialise and mingle with other families. Our PIP plays a pivotal role in helping arrange this annual event. 

Referring a local doctor/dentist
Many of our families move to the area, knowing no-one.  They often have no family for support close by. We try and support them settling in the area as much as possible - recommending local suppliers/doctors and dentists is a small part of that. 

Parent's Cheese & Wine and Pub Meal Evenings 
Many thanks to those who came along - it was a lovely evening. Special thanks to Amber and Marc for hosting on this occasion. 


All the Jenniflowers staff and families from both settings come together at the end of the year, in a traditional nativity. Our PIP organises the food and refreshments with our families, who bring along some crunchy, fresh vegetable crudities, home baked Christmas biscuits and other finger nibbles.

Jenniflowers Harvest Collection for Wandsworth Food Bank 

We delivered a whole BOOT load to the bank on Battersea Rise, and was helped into the building (carrying lots of bags!) by a member of the public who was visiting the food bank in need of a food parcel. Thank you to all our parents for the very generous donations you made for the Wandsworth Foodbank. Making a difference in our community.

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